Hit Refresh: The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft’s Soul and Imagine a Better Future for Everyone

Hit Refresh is about individual change, about the transformation happening inside of Microsoft and the technology that will soon impact all of our lives—the arrival of the most exciting and disruptive wave of technology humankind has experienced: artificial intelligence, mixed reality, and quantum computing. It’s about how people, organizations, and societies can and must transform and “hit

refresh” in their persistent quest for new energy, new ideas, and continued relevance and renewal.

Microsoft’s CEO tells the inside story of the company’s continuing transformation, tracing his own personal journey from a childhood in India to leading some of the most significant technological changes in the digital era. Satya Nadella explores a fascinating childhood before immigrating to the U.S. and how he learned to lead along the way. He then shares his meditations as a sitting CEO—one who is mostly unknown following the brainy Bill Gates and energetic Steve Ballmer. He tells the inside story of how a company rediscovered its soul—transforming everything from culture to their fiercely competitive landscape and industry partnerships. As much a humanist as engineer and executive, Nadella concludes with his vision for the coming wave of technology and by exploring the potential impact to society and delivering call to action for world leaders.

“Ideas excite me,” Nadella explains. “Empathy grounds and centers me.” Hit Refresh is a set of reflections, meditations, and recommendations presented as algorithms from a principled, deliberative leader searching for improvement—for himself, for a storied company, and for society.

delete all activity from Google – But How ??

Google provides a huge amount of information containing multiple numbers of web pages every time we search. Google tries to figure out which results to show starts long before one even types depending upon the internet behaviour of the person. But what if you want to delete all your activity from Google? Is there any procedure to delete your activity?

Here is the step by step guide you have to follow. Continue reading “delete all activity from Google – But How ??”

Google search on mobile will now help you pronounce words

Google search will now help you pronounce difficult words in English. The feature even lets you practice your pronunciation by speaking into the mic and tells you how you did almost instantaneously.

Following the release of RCS messaging in the US, Google is rolling out another interesting feature today. You’ll now be able to use the search engine to look up and practice pronunciations of multisyllabic or difficult words. To get started, simply enter ‘how to pronounce [word]’ in the search box. The search results already showed you a phonetic breakdown along with an option to listen to the word.

You will now be able to practice saying the word by speaking into the microphone via the new “Practice” button in the bottom-right corner. You’ll be prompted to “Speak now” and Google will return a “Sounds like you said” prompt. The app will also tell you which specific sounds you mispronounced and give you tips on how to get better via cues such as “Try to bring the back of your tongue to the roof of your mouth to block the air, then release it.”

Google says that it made this possible by leveraging their machine-learning prowess to every individual syllable generated from the user’s speech. Similarly, while practicing how to say “asterisk,” the speech recognition technology analyzes how you said the word and then it recognizes that the last soundbite was pronounced “rict” instead of “uhsk,” and gives you appropriate feedback.

This feature can now be used with American English via the Google search app. Spanish and other languages will be available at a later date.

Slow websites will be labelled – Google Chrome

For an example, a website that usually takes a longer time to load may show a “Loading…” page that includes a warning text “usually loads slow.”

Google’s plan is to “identify sites that are fast or slow will take place in gradual steps, based on increasingly stringent criteria.” Continue reading “Slow websites will be labelled – Google Chrome”

Google Introduces App Defense Alliance; An Initiative to Fight Malicious Apps

Google has taken an initiative to prevent malicious apps from making their way to the Play Store. Called the App Defence Alliance, the US-based tech company has announced its collaboration with ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium to fight apps that can potentially harm your device. In a blog post, the tech giant said that this alliance will help them reduce the risk of app-based malware and protect over 2.5 million Android users from new threats. This partnership gives Google an additional pair of eyes to analyse datasets before an app is released on the Play Store.

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WordPress 5.3

5.3 expands and refines the block editor with more intuitive interactions and improved accessibility. New features in the editor increase design freedoms, provide additional layout options and style variations to allow designers more control over the look of a site.

WordPress 5.3! Named “Kirk” in honour of jazz multi-instrumentalist Rahsaan Roland Kirk, the latest and greatest version of WordPress is available for download or update in your dashboard.

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Twitter to ban political ads from November 22

The micro-blogging platform, Twitter has announced ban on political advertising. The ban will take effect from November 22. The decision will significantly reduce Twitter’s business revenue. The social networking platforms are facing grown pressure to stop ads that spread misinformation that could impact the elections.

If Twitter’s move will dodge hard questions on fact checking. Facebook has been in scrutiny for same political ads for a few weeks now. However, if Twitter’s move doesn’t work, it will become difficult to track and control the political lies. Following Twitter, even Facebook has doubled down its efforts to check political advertising.

Twitter’s policy, legal, and trust-safety lead Vijaya Gadde’s tweet suggests that Twitter is sticking to its long-standing definition of political ads as those that mention a candidate. The company will not advocate for or against legislative issues of national importance (such as: climate change, healthcare, immigration, national security, taxes).

Last year Twitter was in news for ads from an oil industry funded campaign by Explore Offshore. Even ads from Microsoft-linked group favouring rural broadband connectivity are still not political. Twitter has not cleared its views around a lot campaigns including money raising campaigns to help refugees.

Facebook on the other hand is abroad platform that is visited by politicians, activists, and journalists around the world. CEO Mark Zuckerberg is often accused of putting profits ahead of protecting the US democracy. Zuckerberg predicts that Facebook will get just 0.5% share of its sales from political advertising next year. Analysts predict that 0.5% equals to about $400 million.

Since beginning of 2019, US President;s campaign has spent $15.7 million on Facebook ads and $9.4 million on Google. While there is no data available for Twitter ads, the 2018 midterm elections had spends of $3 million on Twitter.

IBM and Indian government launch platform for IT skilling

The government of India and the tech giant IBM have recently joined hands to provide a skill-development platform for students interested in building a career in IT.

On Monday, IBM announced the SkillsBuild platform that they have built in collaboration with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE). A two-year advanced diploma in information technology (IT), networking and cloud computing will be offered as part of the program, at the Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and the National Skill Training Institutes (NSTIs). Continue reading “IBM and Indian government launch platform for IT skilling”

Central Bank of India hiring IT – specialists – Apply before 21 November

Central Bank of India Mumbai has invited applications from eligible computer science/IT graduates and MCA candidates for the post of IT specialist officers. The online registration has already started from 30th October 2019 and will end on 21st November 2019.
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